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Welcome to UFC 226 Live Stream Free. He is the reigning defending UFC, light heavyweight champion. Miocic vs Cormier Live Online. He is the man who will be trying to cement his place once and for all as the greatest fighter in the history of this sport. He is the man who’s going to be tried to become the heavyweight and light heavyweight champion. UFC 226 is moving up to a division where he once was 13 and OH BC goes. Oh cool hold. My beer, only move down to 205 became the champion at 205. So you know, but these seeds he’s such a competitive guy.

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He doesn’t, he doesn’t want. Miocic vs Cormier doesn’t take a step back. He just goes for it, even if even in tough situation, he just it just eats it and comes back and do what I do always and now, with essentially one year left in his career, Miocic vs Cormier looking to make history as he goes up against the baddest man. On the planet steep in the ocean for the heavyweight title, steep ADC, that’s great fight! That’S a super fight! Now that’s ass, fucking super foot meets comes out.

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Yeah he’s beat he’s just in your face that guy is doing five rounds. Miocic vs Cormier, nothing yeah kind of hanging out spit it out my kids and my wife and then get ready. Feisty pen people just loves to overlook steep a Miocic steep a is a very, very unusual character when your next film, Miocic vs Cormier, like this guy’s, a big fuck. His asset is his mind, though, think about steep a what we was able to do with Francis and there’s some shots that he got hit with in that fight, that a lot of dudes would not have been able to take and with the immigrant mentality, mixed you’re. Still an American, but your dad could have called you Steve, but he still called him steep and Mayo chicken to remember where the fuck you came from he caught francis, who is the most dangerous kind of division. Standing up is the light heavyweight champion.

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Daniel Cormier is gon na fight the heavyweight champion. Ufc 226 in Las Vegas Nevada, champ vs. champ, light heavyweight versus heavyweight champion, Miocic vs Cormier steep a is long and he’s very good. At knocking out heavy woods he’s got his own dead face Daniel Cormier, Miocic vs Cormier, light heavyweight champion, moving up to challenge the UFC heavyweight champion, Steve eh-eh-eh. You know Daniel Cormier he’s just a winner he’s a guy who has been many more the majority of his life, whether he’s wrestling and mixed martial arts. He knows how to win dude, how about we call it DC steep a happening. An actual super thing sing it. The way Steve a knocked out for Doom, where Steve Bay was able to crack Francis sling him over E Natalie who’s, a beast about those Santos what he did to him.

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Nobody did the mark on yes, Orlovsky when he did Arlovski he’s a beast. Well, Steve a has knockout power and his wrestling is good, put them together. Miocic vs Cormier Well that the cardio of DCs give me an issue if DC can get past that third round right. It’S such a close fight, very decent undefeated at heavyweight, was a former world champion from Strikeforce. I think Steve days, the greatest heavyweight of all time, but I think we’ll just don’t understand physically what Cormier brings to the table. It’S also when you CDC rest of olkhon. You go. Oh, there are levels to this shit kid I’ve been in that country DC, and that is no pigment.

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